Michelle Yeoh looked stunning in Moussaieff high jewellery at the 76th British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs), where she was nominated for the award for
‘Leading Actress’ for her performance in the film, Everything Everywhere All At Once.

She wore a very rare natural colour Burma pink sapphire ring accompanied by Burma ruby and diamond earrings and a pink sapphire and diamond bangle.


Yeoh commented: “I am delighted to wear Moussaieff jewellery… I fell in love with the brand and am always impressed by how beautiful and intricate the pieces of jewellery are. The classic designs sparkle and each piece is so unique and special.”

Michelle Yeoh is wearing:

Earrings with 34.61 carats of Burma ruby (with no enhancement) and 59.96 carats of cushion, baguette and square diamonds.

Ring with a 20.58 carat cushion shaped Burma pink sapphire (with no enhancement) and 2.15 carats pear shaped diamond shoulders.

Bangle with 56.62 carats of cushion shaped pink spinels with 29.33 carats of cushion shaped pink sapphires and circular, briolette and oval shape diamonds, with diamond bead detail.